After Selling

As DÜNDAR MAKİNA, we keep customer satisfaction in the forefront after carrying out after-sales services that start with the decision of bidding and continue until the end of the machine life. In order to increase the customer satisfaction and to ensure continuity of the work carried out, in accordance with the contract timely and contractual deliveries, customer demands and complaints as soon as possible to make improvements in our machines and take corrective measures are our main objectives.

These studies are organized to meet the needs of our customers with a fast and high quality service approach. Our organization is made by experts who are specialized in the fields of maintenance and repair quality.

DÜNDAR MAKİNA adopts the following principles in after-sales services:

Our customers' satisfaction is at the forefront.

Spare parts are supplied as soon as possible.

Sufficient stock quantity is maintained in high circulation parts.

With the correct diagnosis, the minimum repair cost is targeted.

Our client is informed in advance about the actions to be taken.

Price policy for spare parts and labor unit fees is focused on high service quality rather than high profit.